Nintendo 64 with BlueRetro Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

RetroScaler BlueRetro Wireless Receiver for Nintendo 64: Retrolize Review

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Reinvigorating your retro gaming consoles with a touch of modernity often involves a collection of unique upgrades, tinkering with mods, soldering irons and burnt fingers. As you embark on this exciting quest, the BlueRetro N64 Bluetooth Adapter from RetroScaler emerges as a critical companion. 

There was a time when wires connecting our controllers to consoles were a standard fixture in our gaming lives. Yet in today's wireless era, the notion of being tethered to your console seems outmoded and inconvenient. It is here that the N64 Adapter, a collaboration between BlueRetro and Retro Scaler, steps in to provide a seamless wireless solution.

This compact, plug-and-play Bluetooth dongle is designed with simplicity in mind and offers great compatibility with a huge range of console controllers, allowing you to connect a plethora of new and old Bluetooth controllers to your beloved N64. Compatibility includes but is not limited to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, as well as retro-oriented third-party options from brands like 8bitdo, Hyperkin, Retro-Bit, and others. As the device continues to evolve, regular firmware updates further expand the range of compatible controllers. With its refined design, the N64 Adapter not only performs excellently but also fits aesthetically with the console.

Navigating through the connection process is straightforward. The package includes the dongle itself, housed in a protective plastic sleeve, and simple instructions that guide you through the initial setup while also providing a gateway to a more detailed web interface for advanced options and customisation.

Beyond facilitating wireless gaming, the N64 Adapter is also equipped with features to augment your gaming experience. It offers rumble support for compatible games and comes with four built-in virtual memory paks, replicating the originals for maximum compatibility and storage for game data from cartridges that lack internal memory.

In essence, the BlueRetro's N64 Adapter is a value-packed, versatile device that caters to all your wireless retro gaming needs. At a price point of £29.99 this adapter is a worthy investment, especially considering its excellent build quality, an array of features, and compatibility. 

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