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Nintendo 64 HDMI (NTSC-J) Clear Purple

Nintendo 64 HDMI (NTSC-J) Clear Purple

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Nintendo 64 HDMI - Clear Purple


  • Original Nintendo 64 Hardware!
  • 720p HDMI Port!
  • Plug and Play on any Modern Display!
  • NTSC-J Console!
  • Plays NTSC-J and NTSC-U Games!
  • New Jumper Pack!
  • New Power Supply!
  • All Capacitors Replaced With Premium Panasonic SMDs!

Step into a world where classic meets contemporary with our HDMI-modded Nintendo 64, tailored for the modern era of gaming. This console isn't just about upgraded visuals and reliability; it's also about reviving the classic in its purest form.

Apart from integrating stunning HD capabilities and enhancing the internal mechanics with top-notch Panasonic capacitors, we've gone the extra mile in refurbishing this iconic console. Every inch of the Nintendo 64 has been meticulously deep cleaned, stripping away years of built-up dirt and grime. This thorough cleansing contributes to its overall functionality and longevity.

Rediscover your favourite N64 classics on a console that feels brand new. With its internals rejuvenated and its exterior restored to its original glory, this HDMI-modded Nintendo 64 promises a gaming experience that's both visually breath-taking and reliably smooth, ensuring countless hours of enjoyment.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nintendo 64 HDMI - Clear Purple
  • 1 x Brand New PSU
  • 1 x Retail Box
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